Saturday, November 5, 2011

What happened so far, part 1

 In December 2010 a guy named Jens registered in the discussion board of Kultpower and TheLegacy and asked the communtity:
"What if we found a non-profit registered association of gamers to create the ultimate, worldwide, community-based database about computer and video games, pushing to academic standards of documentation?"
After some hesitant answers from other board-members he went further and stated:
"I want to create a new project like Mobygames or TheLegacy, but better."
Wow. That was an announcement! To "replace" Mobygames and TheLegacy, that is a sweeping goal, indeed. MobyGames with more than 60,000 game entries, TheLegacy with more than 35,000 games recorded. Not to forget the hundreds of thousands of screen shots and cover scans, these two projects have accumulated over the years.
So we asked for some more details.