Wednesday, November 20, 2013

First Language English

The recent demise of MobyGames was sad to see, but it flooded the Oregami forums with disappointed people looking for a new home. We tried our best to answer all the questions that were asked and address all the concerns that were raised. We realized that it's about time to advance the internationalization of Oregami.

The main positive response was that we're on the right track with what we're doing. There is a growing demand for a future-proof, sophisticated, and multilingual video game database, now more than ever. Here are some examples:

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Oregami association on the horizon

It is quite hard to believe, but the first real discussions about the founding of our Oregami association already took place in January 2012, i. e. some 20 months ago. And founded it is not, yet! So what were we up to all this time? And why do we want an association hosting this project at all? A little retrospect shall give these information, furthermore we want to give a little perspective on the future.

MobyGames faces them, TheLegacy faces them [German], thematically different web sites also face them [German] - always the same old problems. Caused by the experiences with other database projects we committed ourselves quite early to one basic principle for Oregami: maximum independence from individuals. First and foremost, this principle should be applied to the legal base of the project, too. The legal manifestations we saw with other game databases (private, half-commercial, commercial) had, in our opinion, one crucial disadvantage: all these projects were legally run by a single person or company, two at the most, which left us with big questions about the future-proofness of their data. What would happen when this single person would lose interest, when this single company would be sold or become insolvent? What future would arise for these projects then?

Friday, March 22, 2013

Oregami featured in German podcast "The Three Vogons"

One of the best-known nerd podcasts of Germany is the one produced by "The Three Vogons".

Some months ago I was asked to join the Three for a guest interview within their next podcast. Well, how did I respond? YES !

Now the new issue of their podcast is online!

In the best of habits of "The Three Vogons", the podcast lasts for no shorter than nearly 6 (!) hours. In the category "Deep Thought" (from app. 01:39:00 on) one can listen to my interview which lasts for just under an hour. Subjects: content and history of, but also the goals of our project, the all-new and soon-to-be non-profit online video game database.

The guys went deep into the issues and asked intelligent questions. I just hope that my answers made a similar impression, too. :-)

If you can listen to German, check it out! And then it would be best to help out with Oregami or Kultpower. Or both. :-)